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Imagine if you could:

feel confident putting on a pair of running shoes

not have to worry about how much pain you're

going to be in after your next run

stop being sidelined by nagging injuries


experience your full potential

avoid unnecessary medical interventions like injections, medication, and medical imaging

stop putting band-aids on chronic injuries

keep up with your spouse/children/grandchildren

Tying Shoelaces


talking on phones


How It Works



Leg Injury


Women's Race


Contact Us Today tell us a little bit about yourself.

Getting to know you better and how we can help you is the easiest first step that you can take.

Don't waste anymore time trying to get back on the road. 

If you are ready to take action you can "Book Now"

You will be scheduled for a 1:1 evaluation with our Physical Therapist to get to the true root of your pain and problem.

All therapy sessions are always 1:1 with the same therapist.

We value your time and prioritize listening to your needs. This allows us to work as a team to develop an action plan specific to you.

It's time to "hit the ground running". 

We focus on helping you relieve your immediate pain to break you out of the pain cycle. 

We restore your body's natural ability to move by focusing on soft tissue health, strength, and stabilization needs.

You will return your now improved body back to the activities that you long for. You now have the knowledge and ability to never let pain sideline you again. 


The Runner

If your goal is to keep up with your kids, not be winded at your first group run, cross your first 5k finish line without limping, or pack into a van with 11 other crazy friends  to run your first 200+ mile Ragnar Relay,

Let us help get you to your starting and finishing line. 


If you are a parent looking to move and feel like you used to or maybe trying to enjoy physical activities with the rest of your family, don't let pain stand in the way. It shouldn't hurt to move. 

The Work Professional

It can be a near impossible undertaking to adequately balance a busy work life with an even busier home life. If you are currently experiencing pain that is preventing you from enjoying your precious time outside of work, we can help. 

The Athlete

If you are a casual golfer, tennis player, or pickleball warrior and can't imagine your life without these activities in it. 

The Strength Athlete

If you are looking to maximize your strength gains or be able to lift weights without pain like you "used to". Don't let pain continue to prevent you from your reaching your potential. 

The Health Consumer

You are an intelligent consumer of health. Let us share our knowledge with you and provide you with solution based movement options for your problems. Gone are the hopeless recommendations of stopping your favorite physical activities. Let's get you back in the game. 

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