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A Lesson In Patience

I was feeling very indecisive and lacking motivation this afternoon. I decided what I needed was to go for a run. Running has always been an activity for me that always makes me feel better on some level. I will often experience an exciting moment or have a unique thought while I am running. Today's run was interesting because within the first mile I noticed that the sky was beginning to look very dark and ominous. I decided to forge ahead and hope any chance of a storm would pass me by. That did not happen because at approximately the 2nd mile mark, the sky opened up and within a few moments I was completely soaked. If you have ever been out for a run during a storm it can be a very exhilarating experience. I could have stopped running and found shelter but I figured that a little or a lot of rain is all the same once you are saturated. At one point I was running past a small pond and suddenly I saw what appeared to be a large object landing into the pond. I was unable to see what it was at first but soon enough a bald eagle emerged from the pond with a fish in its talons.

I am sharing this moment with you because it was a very exciting National Geographic like moment that while I was unable to capture it on video it completely fascinated me. I began to wonder how long the eagle had been in that tree waiting for the best chance to dive for their dinner. My mind couldn't help but ponder the level of experience and patience that it takes to be able to get your "next meal" by positioning yourself in the right place and at the right time. I began to think about how this could apply to anyone that is searching for success. I began to wonder how many times had that eagle been successful doing that and how many times he had failed. How much skill led the eagle to catch the fish and how much of it was luck? I began to apply some of these thoughts to myself and the clients that I work with. The opening quote above states, "Success requires urgency and patience. Be urgent about making the effort, and be patient about seeing the results".

If your goal is to successfully overcome a physical restriction or an injury both urgency and patience will be necessary. Urgency is required on the part of you making an effort to overcome the situation and seeking help from someone who can guide you along the path. Patience is required because there is often no quick fix or short cut in getting you to where you want to be especially dealing with an injury or physical restriction. Despite the fact that we can all understand this, it does not make it any easier for us to be patient when there are things that we want to be able to do. After I saw the eagle fly away with the fish I began to think about the last few months that I have been starting and building a physical therapy practice. This endeavor has required urgency in effort which has meant consistently engaging in networking, meeting other business owners in the community, and joining organizations like the Mount Pleasant Chamber of Commerce. I have continued to enjoy connecting with fitness coaches, athletic trainers, runners, and especially connecting with other amazing people in the community. There have been times I felt just like the eagle coming up with a fish and times when I have felt like the eagle coming up without a fish. We can all rest a little more knowing that if we are urgent with our effort we can be patient in seeing the results.

Be well,

Dr. Matt

If you or someone you know is dealing with pain or injury or looking for help to achieve a particular fitness goal, let's get to work today.

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